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Horns & Halos FINAL Ball

Oct 01, 2014

Horns & Halos FINAL Ball completes our 10 Year Run!! THANK YOU ALL!!

_DJ performance by Sin Quirin of Ministry_

Headline music by: Assemblage 23 ( Official Assemblage 23)
Music by: Miss Krystle

LIVE Body Painting by Gear Duran of the TV show Skin Wars Www.gearduran.com

Fashion Show by General Leigh and Vital Vein Fashion

Performances by:
Jane Jett
Ridge Gallagher
Katrina Rainsong
Life Suspended

Intro and Audio Interludes by HnH Resdident DJ's
DJ Beautiful John Marquis II

AfterParty DJ: Plastic Disease

Sponsored by: Fascinations

Online Presale VIP & General Admission tickets here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e9pct4ia6c0508b8&llr=69mzncqab

Everyone who has ever spanked, clawed, scratched, whipped, stripped, and strutted has made history in the past 10 years. Anyone who has ever been chained down and suspended in midair has been a spectacle for the ages. Horns & Halos has been bringing you the most virulent of carnal catharses time and time again, four times a year. The ten-year celebration culminates this October with the Horns & Halos FINAL Ball, sealed with a leather-studded kiss before the Horns & Halos name is laid to a well-deserved rest.

Dress to impress, caress, and show flesh. This is your one-way ticket to a sinful fairytale, and you’re the star. Amidst the whips, chains, and latex are the most playful rejects from the fringes of society. All of the atrocities at this autumn masquerade are in the names of pleasure and pain, with no gods or saviors to cleanse the debauchery. The deviants of Horns & Halos have constructed an immaculate playground in which you can run amok in your most abominable and promiscuous attire, free from dress codes and the judgmental eyes of the masses. The clock stroke of midnight is merely the beginning as you submit yourself to the imperial reign of primal callings.

Local icon Miss Krystle is the intro for aural tantalization, loaded with an arsenal of baroque pop and angelic vocalizing. Assemblage 23 will take the stage afterward to celebrate their legacy of synth-fueled dance anthems and EBM classics, spanning well over a decade’s worth of industrial beats and heralded albums. Interludes will be provided by resident DJs Dark_Mark and Beautiful John, the household names who have kept your pulse trembling for years on end. Joining them is a special guest DJ who has torn up the face of the underground for over twenty years: Sin Quirin of Ministry fame, ready with a barrage of tunes to keep your hips swaying and your high-heeled boots stomping in between the bands.

The ever faithful Life Suspended will be presenting you once again with airborne hedonists on hooks and chains, flying through the night sky. Jane Jett is the evening’s eyeful of erotic elegance, bringing her zest for lust and luster to the mainstage. Joining her is local legend Katrina Rainsong for a special affair born from her passions for performance, dance, poetry, and music. Gear Duran of the TV show Skin Wars will be painting live specimens for an atrocity exhibition all night along. And General Leigh will be stopping by to showcase her Vital Vein Latex, a fashion show dedicated to exhibiting heretical outfits concocted by skintight latex, all worn by the nightlife’s most desirable vixens.

VIPs will be treated to a balcony that overlooks the ball, while enjoying human sushi and dessert platters, as well as exclusive VIP performances by the legendary Porsche Lynn & Den of Indomitus. After the formal affair has calmed to a smolder, VIPs will congregate at the AfterParty, hosted at the Travelodge, for more intimate playtime, relaxation, and auditory goodies supplied by DJ Plastic Disease.

The Horns & Halos FINAL Ball marks the conclusion of Horns & Halos Productions. After October 11th, the monarch led by Steve Haworth, James Bound, Shona Longoria and Jonny Synthetic will be gagged forever. This is a ball and chained blaze of glory sure to expand the mind and body far beyond its limits. This is your chance to bust out your most lavish outfits and most blasphemous toys for the ultimate finale. Help us celebrate our legacy by celebrating yourself. There is no need to be shy and no reason to conceal your true nature. With your help, the Horns & Halos FINAL Ball will be the bash everyone else will wish they had attended.

- Zander Buel

Online Presale VIP & General Admission tickets here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07e9pct4ia6c0508b8&llr=69mzncqab


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