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God Module

Feb 23, 2014

From the most depraved recesses of the underground comes the grimy, sadistic, in-your-face lineup of the False Face Tour. This February, Horns & Halos Productions brings you the notorious God Module and their newest creation.

As one of Metropolis’s most renowned acts, God Module’s dance floor destruction has been tearing up clubs and ears for 15 years with classic electro evisceration like “Empath” and “Let’s Go Dark.” The latest album, “False Face,” is the newest installment in a spooky, infectious legacy. Joining the carnage is The Witch Was Right, a concoction of relentless heavy metal and delicate industrial glitches. Chamber of Echoes brings beauty in the brutality, speckling a prickly rock attitude with angelic siren calls courtesy of frontwoman Klaryssa and her ear for ethereal synth overtones. And the grisly electro pulsations of Mordacious will horrify your ears and keep your bodies moving.

Don’t get too comfortable in between the sets. Aural interludes courtesy of DJ Defense.Mekanizm will ensure the nonstop pummeling of beats and battery for this sadistic symphony.

It’s 18 to party and 21 to drink. The ultimate God Module fan package is just $60, ensuring the ultimate personal experience with the band. It all ignites at 7:00pm, February 23 at Pub Rock Live.

- Zander Buel

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